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ADA begins the new season with the 150th anniversary of an impenetrable chocolate recipe, which is to be found in a recently published book, Tatarî Oğuz Effendi in Basel – Reminiscences of a Journalist by Ben Wineblum.

ADA has invited the author of this inspirational book for a reading and a presentation during which the life and works of Tatarî Oğuz Effendi, the first of the two protagonists in Wineblum’s book and an exceptional Ottoman intellectual and adventurer, will be commemorated in Rotterdam for the first time.

As an addition to Wineblum’s reading, each guest will find the chance to indulge in the magical chocolate The Lore, which is produced by Beschle Chocolatier Suisse according to Tatarî’s yet-unseen recipe. Depending on the number of the guests, everyone will receive either one or two chocolate truffles as a gift. Following the reading and a discussion session, we will visit a collectively chosen site in the city to put the effect of The Lore to the test through an interpretation by Ben Wineblum:

You can enjoy the best from The Lore while you are listening to a concert, while watching a play, opera, or ballet, while reading a novel, a story, a poem, a petit tale, while viewing a painting, a sculpture, a performance. In short, at any moment, and in any place, where art is there to be experienced. Could you please reach in to your pockets, and feel the crate that is keeping The Lore safe and secure? If you could do this, then you are seconds away from enriching your experience. (From: Tatarî Oğuz Effendi in Basel – Reminiscences of a Journalist, Ben Wineblum, 2010.)

Should you wish to have more prelimenary information on the life of this Ottoman intellectual, please visit the Wikipedia link.

Ben Wineblum’s book and The Lore will be on sale only during the event. Therefore we urge you to come to the event on time, or even early.

Ben Wineblum (b.1981, Berlin) is an art critic and a freelance journalist who works for a variety of independent media agencies based in New York and California. He studied in South Africa and the USA, has won several awards and fellowships for his outstanding research and influential publications written extensively on the relationship between contemporary art, culture, and everyday life. For the past five years he has been working as a Europe media correspondent. In September 2010, he relocated and is now reporting from Australia, Brisbane. This is his first book.

Practical Information:
Sunday 04 September 2011 | 15:00 - 17:00
ADA studios, Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
email: [javascript protected email address]

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