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Wednesday 10 February 2010. Part of Open Office for Words.

January’s Open Office For Words looked at the city and the urban environment in terms of how they can be read and understood by looking at modes of reading the city and the multiple uses and meanings of urban spaces.

Taina Rajanti (Doc. Pol. Sci, Head of Research at Pori School of Art and Media, Helsinki University of Art and Design) talked about Walter Benjamin and The Arcades Project now and in the last century. Rajanti focussed on the new arcades i.e the semi-public commercialized urban spaces, and people’s need to occupy those spaces, to use them and abuse them for their own practices, and how it is possible to introduce new meanings, ways of reading and uses to those spaces.

Frans-Willem Korsten (Prof. dr. Erasmus University, Leiden University) talked about modes of reading the city, specifically the possibilities of broadening sensibility and the multiplication of worlds, instead of the vectorization of the urban world. In relation to this, Korsten considered the principal difference between reading the urban environment as a narrative or as a poem.

Open Office For Words
Open Office For Words