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Sunday 12 September 2010. Part of Raamte.

Lieke Snellenlink is a visual artist based in Rotterdam. In the project “The High Performance of the Shape” she build a new installation, reflecting on the shapes found in front of the RAAMTE space. Snellen questioned these shapes and define their functions. What are those shapes? Are they symbols, or do they only reflect a shadow?

In her work, objects and the human body are seen as forms that take on another character or function in connection with the surrounding architecture. Aesthetics and classic sculptural rules are combined with formal experiments through which she connects daily life objects and all sorts of self-created elements. The performative character of her sketches, videos and photographic works activates the sculptural work. For Lieke, a sculpture represents an activity, which can push the material beyond its limits. Her sculptures take a performative role within the space and challenge its architectural ideology and social relations.