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Monday 27 June 2011. Part of Screenings.

ADA’s reading group continued as a series of exercises intended to enable a collaborative exploration of themes and issues that supersede the individual artistic practice.

ADA resumed its reading group with a session evolving around an essay by Boris Groys, Art in the Age of Biopolitics: From Artwork to Art Documentation, taken from his book Art Power, published in 2008 by MIT Press. The session started with a screening of Deimantas Narkeivicius’ film The Role of A Lifetime.

The reading group is a continuation of the ADA project About Games and Being Serious, which took place at Duende last April. During this project we collectively explored six texts focusing amongst other things on art as a collaborative practice and on the political positioning of the artist. Readings at this occasion included texts such as Walter Benjamin’s The Artist as Producer and Liam Gillick’s Maybe it would be better if we worked in groups of three? A full list of texts read at Duende can be found here.