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Tuesday 21 December 2010. Part of ADA's Cabinet.

Press Play: Taking on Performance was the second part of KOLEKTIVA, Calling?, a video correspondence between ADA Rotterdam (NL) and KOLEKTIVA (SI).
As the first part of this correspondence, ADA hosted a film evening presenting KOLEKTIVA’s collection of art videos entitled Fields of the Performative, which reflected on the subject of ‘performing for the camera’. KOLEKTIVA’s collection included videos featuring various formal and conceptual premises present in heterogeneous interpretation of performance in relation to motion picture within contemporary visual art. It is in response to this collection of videos, the Fields of the Performative, that ADA has in turn prepared their video response back to KOLEKTIVA. The resulting collection of videos is entitled Press Play: Taking on Performance.

Presented videos in Programme:

Segundo de Chomón – Les Kiriki, Acrobates Japonais
Ruth Legg – Monster
Jacqueline Forzelius – The Community in Space
Alexandra Gerbaulet – Tatooted Prisoners
Ruth Buchanan – A different kind of love
Rajkumar Santoshi – Tandava Dance (excerpt from Damini)
Martine Stig – Play
Inger Alfnes – Search
Louise Menzies – PELOHA

Runtime total programme: 1h05m